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"My daughter, Kenzie, started myopia management at the end of 2019. As someone with a -6.00 prescription, I understand what it's like to wake up and not be able to see without glasses. We started noticing Kenzie's prescription begin to shift and we started seeing the doctors at Ridgeview Eye Care every 6 months to be able to track her prescription changes. The mighty eyes program was brought up and we jumped in head first!

Kenzie had worn glasses for about 3 years, then Dr. Dennis brought up Ortho K contact lens therapy. Our world was turned upside down! Kenzie learned how to put in these contact lenses, sleep in them, and then take them out in the morning. By sleeping in these special contact lenses, she could wake up in the morning, take the contacts out and SEE!!! No glasses are necessary! Had someone had told me about this sooner I would have jumped on board immediately.

Because of Cassie, Dr. Dennis, and the amazing team at Ridgeview Eye Care, Kenzie's prescription has already slowed down, the chances of her prescription becoming as high as mine has gone down significantly. We are so happy to have found this program and it has definitely changed the lives of our whole family!"


Amanda Curry

"Ridgeview Eye Care has great safety measures in place for preventative care during COVID, and Pre-COVID maintained a clean and friendly facility. Sydni is amazing with teaching contact wearing-very patient, kind, supportive, and encouraging. You can tell she loves her job! We are super happy with our care and safety at this facility."

Lisa Payne

“ Beautiful clean new building! Staff was great to talk with and they made sure I was comfortable and answered all my questions from the moment I walked into the door to the moment I left. Huge selection of frames! They are stuck with me, never going anywhere else!​​​​​​​ ”

Alecia Holm

“ Very clean and professional building. And every staff member from Israel at the front desk to the Doctor, Trent (Didn’t get his last name, sorry! ) was polite, professional and extremely courteous! So excited for my new glasses to arrive!​​​​​​​ ”

Shelby Miron

“ Dr Henderson and his whole staff are wonderful. Nothing but great experiences every time I go . I have been a patient for 7 years and very highly recommend this office.

Debbie Warren

“ I'm not a fan of going to any doctor so was anxious but everyone in the office was so nice and explained things very well when I had questions. Also I did not have my insurance card and SaraH, the front office coordinator, took care of finding the necessary info so I didn't have to stress about that at all! All together a VERY easy and smooth experience for me!!​​​​​​​ ”

Morgan Brownlee

“ I've been going to this same place since I was a teenager and I couldn't ask for better service! Everybody is great and the doctors truly remember you. I never say never, but the chances of me going anywhere else would be HIGHLY unlikely. ”

Nicole Smith

“ The doctors and staff are and always have been wonderful and accommodating. I am happy to give this office 5* but I will reccomend not speaking with a specific young lady due to my horrible experience with her. I received a pair of transistion lenses and spent a good amount of money on them but they needed to be adjusted and they were not dark enough for my eyes. I was set up with a lense specialist, Lexi, and I am more dissapointed with my interaction with her than spending money on a product that didn't work for me. She was condescending, seemed annoyed by my concerns, and had an attitude that made me not want to go back. I got treated like a mother trying to have a conversation with her teenager after asking her to put her phone away at the dinner table. Aside from this isolated interaction, this is a wonderful office. Did I mention they got a new building and it is lovely.

Lauren Stewart

“ If they can take care of my son well....then they are amazing. There are few people in this world that knows what it takes to take care of disability people other than the family. This dr took care of us well. She started with just asking him questions and my son is nonverbal severly autistic and told that prior to the appt. She left and got a picture representative of the picture she was showing him so he can point to what he was seeing on the screen. So she can do his eye exam without me talking to her. The receptionist watched my other autistic son so he can play with the iPads as he was sad he only got 3 mins on the iPads there which my son got called. Also they already had all the insurance information and didn't have to find this cards prior before the appt just by telling them what insurance I had for him.

Liz Hiersche

Scheduling the appointment was very easy. I was able to get in within a weeks time.

The appointment overall was very straightforward. I was greeted immediately and filled out paperwork for a couple minutes. The process went very smoothly. I had an annual eye exam as a new patient. The Doctor was prompt and explained my eye situation. Once completed, the details and what my insurance covered cost-wise was all explained up front and I was able to choose my eyeglasses same day.

I have a follow up to check in on the glasses and training for contacts and look forward to using this clinic again in the future! I got a second pair for 50% off!

John Smaha

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