Advanced Technology


This machine automatically checks how much your eyes need to be corrected. It is used as a starting point for the doctor to determine the prescription.


With this non-invasive technology, the doctor is able to see and analyze the health of your oil producing meibomian glands. It plays an important role in diagnosing and treating dry eye or ocular surface disease.

Optos (Optomap)

Using ultra wide field technology, the Optomap is able to capture a detailed 200 degree high resolution image of the retina (back of the eye). It is a quick and efficient way for the doctor to detect early signs of retinal disease. It is also a great way to monitor the health of the retina over time.

Optovue (OCT)

This quick and efficient imaging system captures individual layers of the retina which can help identify diseases earlier than traditional exam methods. With these images, the doctors are able to monitor changes over time.

iCare Tonometer

Good news! New technology has allowed us to check pressures inside of the eye, without the puff of air. This is a quick and pain free way to monitor your intraocular pressure.

Corneal Mapping (Topography)

Used to determine corneal irregularities and disease, this technology produces an elevation map of the cornea. We utilize this technology in many of our specialty contact lens fittings.

Digital TRS Refraction System

This system provides us with digital accuracy when determining your prescription. It is a quick and efficient way to determine your best optical correction.

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