Why Myopia Management Is Important for Children to Start Early

Myopia usually starts developing in childhood. It can have damaging effects on the life of your child. Technology advancements help detect the condition's risks and how to prevent them from worsening. They also help determine the appropriate time to start or intervene in managing it. An increasing number of children are getting myopia.



What Is Myopia



Myopia or nearsightedness is a vision condition that causes one to see nearby objects clearer than farther ones. It occurs when your eye shape or some parts of your eyes cause the light rays to refract or bend inaccurately.


Myopia often develops in children and adolescents. It can affect the quality of a child's life. The younger your child develops nearsightedness, the faster their vision deteriorates. Their condition can also worsen as they reach adulthood.


Children with myopia have difficulty participating in social activities and school. They struggle to keep up with schoolwork due to problems like seeing the chalkboard in class.



What Is Myopia Management?



Myopia management is a treatment aimed at controlling the condition. It keeps myopia low to reduce your child's risk of developing eye diseases that can damage their vision later in life. It reduces the progression of myopia by around 78 percent.


There are various ways of managing myopia. Your eye doctor can recommend that your child uses contact lenses, eye drops, and eyeglasses. Orthokeratology can also help reshape their cornea to help correct their vision temporarily.



Why Children Should Start Myopia Management Early



Initiating early myopia control in children is the best way to do it. The earlier your child develops nearsightedness, the faster their vision continues deteriorating. Myopia management is more effective and impactful if it starts as soon as the eye doctor diagnoses the condition. Parents should not wait until their child grows up so they can begin controlling their nearsightedness. 


Reduce the risk of your child's condition progressing to higher levels. Higher myopia heightens the risk of later developing diseases that can threaten their sight. Start managing nearsightedness as soon as possible.



What Changes to Expect During Myopia Management 



A child with myopia has more stretched and longer eyes than eyes with clear sight. Their eyes grow excessively. Myopia management aims to mitigate or slow the growth of the eyes. It slows down the progression of the axial length. Myopia management prevents the condition from worsening during the child's early years when the eyes are still developing and growing.


Expect changes in your child's vision depending on the prescription. They can experience changes overnight if they have a lower prescription and get a reshaping therapy. Changes can take three weeks to two months if they have a higher prescription.



Is Myopia Management Uncomfortable for Children?



Children can take some time to adapt to changes in their routines. Fortunately, they adapt due to their resilience. Consult their eye specialist to know the best myopia management option suitable for your kid. Sometimes, vision correction is not the only thing required to help their condition. Other interventions like unique eyedrops, glasses, or soft lenses can help. 


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