What You Need to Know About Neurolens

In ideal situations, your eyes will work in perfect synchrony. But this is not always the case. Many people suffer from eye misalignment. However, few are aware that they have this condition. You probably expect that eye misalignment will be evident, and you will notice how one eye will visibly point in a different direction. 


Eye misalignment can be very subtle and hard to detect. In most cases, the slight misalignment is due to binocular vision dysfunction. One effective way to deal with this condition is by using Neurolens.



What Is Neurolens?



Neurolens are prescription lenses that help correct eye misalignment. They differ from the typical corrective lenses by using prism technology. Studies show that they effectively treat the condition and improve its symptoms. 


The symptoms of eye misalignment include dizziness, eye fatigue, headaches, and neck stiffness. As the lenses synchronize the communication between your eyes and your brain, they deal with these symptoms.



How Do They Work?



The lenses contain microprisms that effectively alter how light refracts as it enters your eyes. The prisms align the image each eye sees to the same plane. They allow the brain to see it as one clear image. The technology reduces the pressure the muscles experience as they try to do the same thing physically. In the process, they eliminate the symptoms. 



Fitting for Neurolens



The doctor uses a measurement device to fit you for Neurolens. The device eliminates bias and variabilities by using an eye-tracking system. It focuses on each eye and separately measures it. Afterward, it performs interactive measurements to determine the misalignment. The result is the correction rate you require for your Neurolens prism. The fitting helps your doctor ensure you get lenses that meet your needs.



How Effective Is Neurolens?



The technology is effective and successful. Many patients will notice that half of their symptoms will go away immediately. As they adapt to the lenses, they will realize that the number improves to about 80 percent. These results make Neurolens one of the most effective ways of dealing with binocular vision dysfunction and eye misalignment.



Are You a Candidate? 



In this era of technology where people work remotely, many need Neurolens. Spending hours staring at your computer reading detailed work can cause eyestrain, chronic headaches, and dizziness. Neurolens can bring relief and deal with any eye misalignment.


The doctor will start you with screening before performing a routine eye test. Afterward, they will use the Neurolens measurement device to check your prescription. It takes a few minutes to check your eyes and prescribe how much prism you need. The doctor fits your lenses in a frame of your choice for everyday wear.






Neurolens consolidates the varying images and harmonizes them into a single one. The process is continuous and allows you to see clearly and seamlessly. The lenses relieve the stress on the eye muscles and nerves serving the eyes and brain, bringing relief.


For more information on Neurolens, visit Ridgeview Eye Care at our Olathe or De Soto, Kansas office. Call (913) 270-8598 or (913) 270-6017 to schedule an appointment today.

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