How to Make Eye Health a New Year's Resolution

How to Make Eye Health a New Year's Resolution



2022 has just begun. A new year brings the opportunity to make some changes and create new habits. Making resolutions is easy; the difficult part is sticking to them. Most people include improving their health on the resolution list. 


As you prepare your list for the coming year, remember to include taking care of your eye health. You can learn how to make eye health a new year’s resolution. 



Schedule an Eye Examination



One thing you can do for your eye health is schedule an eye examination. Regular visits to the eye doctor will help protect your eye health. This can be a preventative measure that will help protect your vision. 

Eye examinations will help detect any changes in your vision and eye health. Apart from promoting good eyesight, the exams can help detect health issues, and they can end up being life-saving. 



Following a Healthy Diet



Most people look forward to following a healthy diet after all the indulgent holiday food. Eating a healthy diet is good not just for your physical health but also for your eye health. The food you eat can help promote good vision. 


Include essential vitamins and minerals that allow your eyes to function optimally. Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, C, and E help keep the eyes healthy. Remember, a poor diet can cause vision loss. 



Knowing Common Eye Conditions



Awareness is a vital step in preventing eye diseases. Take time this year to educate yourself on common eye conditions. Find out the causes, symptoms, risk factors, and ways to prevent the conditions. The more information you have, the easier it will be to recognize changes in your vision. You will have a better chance of preventing or managing any eye condition.



Taking Care of Your Lenses



If you wear glasses or contacts, you need to take care of your lenses. This will help ensure that you enjoy good vision and avoid spending money replacing them. Taking care of your contacts will help keep your eyes healthy. 


Change the contact solution regularly to prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria. Always make sure to remove your contacts before you sleep. Cleaning your glass lenses each day will help keep them clear and free from dirt and oils.


More Water and Less Caffeine



Drinking plenty of water is great for your eye health. Water will help keep your eyes lubricated, preventing dry eye syndrome. Staying well-hydrated is especially essential for those who wear contacts. 

You should also limit your intake of caffeine. Drinking large amounts of coffee can reduce tear production, leading to dry eyes. Too much caffeine can also lead to an increase in eye pressure.


Your resolution list should include spending less time on your computer and wearing protective eyewear. Avoid smoking and tobacco products, and always wear sunglasses when you go outdoors. This will help protect your eyes from damage caused by UV rays. Exercise and getting adequate sleep are necessary for improving vision and eye health. 


For more on how to make eye health a new year’s resolution, visit Ridgeview Eye Care at our office in Olathe or De Soto, Kansas. You can call (913) 270-8598 or (913) 270-6017 today to schedule an appointment.

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