How to Know if You're Experiencing an Eye Emergency

Some people choose to visit an eye doctor immediately after an eye accident, while others adopt a wait-and-see attitude. But how do you know when to seek medical attention?

You should be conversant with the symptoms that point towards severe eye conditions as left untreated, eye problems may worsen and lead to loss of vision. Below are some of the signs of eye emergencies that need immediate medical attention:


Floaters or Flashing Lights

You may have noticed specks in your vision. They are called floaters. It is a common occurrence and often short-lived. However, when you start seeing new floating spots, this could signify retinal tear or detachment. Another symptom of retinal detachment is when you experience a series of flashing lights. If you have either of these symptoms, you should see an eye doctor immediately.


Sudden Vision Changes

When your vision changes unexpectedly, it could be a sign of a severe eye problem. Vision changes may include experiencing tunnel or double vision, blind spots or, the inability to see through one or both eyes. These symptoms require medical attention.

Vision changes may also point towards stroke or a condition called arthritis, which occurs when the temporal arteries involved in blood circulation to the brain suffer inflammation or damage.


Different Pupil Sizes (Anisocoria)

Pupils are the black sections at the center of your eyes. They usually change in size to control the amount of light penetration into the eye. Pupils will enlarge in darkness to allow more light and constrict to allow less light in brightly lit places.

Typically, the pupils in both eyes dilate or constrict simultaneously. When they fail to do so, you have different pupil sizes. A sudden change in the size of your pupils may indicate a severe problem. You should see a doctor right away if the difference arises after an eye injury.


Chemical Burns

A chemical burn occurs when an alkali, acid, or powder makes contact with the eye's surface. The injury usually happens when chemicals splash on your face or when you rub your eyes after touching chemicals.

The severity of the chemical injury depends on the type of chemical and extent of exposure. The degree of injury ranges from brief redness and irritation to loss of vision. Thorough rinsing of the eye with running water for several minutes dramatically minimizes the risk of long-term damage.

Don't judge the severity of chemical burns by the extent of pain. Some alkalis, for example, might cause no troubling symptoms but lead to severe eye conditions in the long run. Thus, seek medical attention straight away after first aid.


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