How to Choose the Right Emergency Eye Doctor

Going for an annual eye checkup is crucial. But there are times you need to pick up your phone and schedule an urgent eye care appointment. Eye emergencies can result from different conditions or incidences. You can experience irreversible vision complications if you lack proper treatment. Knowing how to choose the right emergency eye doctor can save you in those desperate days.


Know the Different Types of Eye Doctors

Choosing the right doctor for your emergency requires getting an expert. Get a doctor who can deal with your specific problem. Knowing the type of doctor you need is crucial.

There are two different types of eye doctors: an ophthalmologist and an optometrist.

  • Ophthalmologists - These specialize in treating many eye diseases. They can perform surgery and prescribe medication. They must attain a degree. They spend an extra four years in medical school. Most of them add another four years of residency to have their license. Doing so allows for their general ophthalmology practice.
  • Optometrists - These specialize in prescribing medication and treating eye diseases. These eye doctors have no authority to perform any eye surgery. They specialize in specific eye conditions. They go to college for four years then attend another four years of optometry school. 



Choose a doctor who is available in your time of need. Ask your potential doctor about their working hours. Know about their response to emergency cases. Ensure you have a doctor who is on speed dial. Most ophthalmologists can see you on appointments. Getting evening or weekend appointments can be rare. It is crucial to know if your emergencies are a priority to the doctor you choose.

Ensure you have a practice available that has an emergency protocol or number. Emergency numbers are essential for at-risk patients.


Ask for Recommendations

Know what other people have to say about your potential emergency doctor. Get recommendations from people served by the doctor you are eyeing. Your current eye doctor can also give you a referral to a reliable emergency doctor. 

Going through online reviews can help you get an unbiased opinion before committing. Most patients can give their real experiences and what they think about the doctors. You may be able to gauge and judge the level of reliability through other people’s experiences. Also, getting many referrals to the same eye doctor should make you confident about your decision.


Contact Your Potential Emergency Eye Specialist 

It is always worth reaching out to your prospective emergency eye doctor. You can also speak to a staff member in their practice about your
concerns. Ask about the availability to ensure you can get help when in need. Know about how they have handled emergency cases in the past and what you should expect from them.


Evaluate Your Findings

After doing your thorough research, take your time to evaluate your findings. Ask yourself:

  • Did you understand their hours of operation and availability?
  • Did you ask the right questions, and were they answered to your satisfaction?
  • Are you confident that the prospective eye doctor can handle any emergency?
  • Do you need to search further?
  • Do you feel like the doctor has your best interest at heart?

Taking your time to find a reliable and trustworthy eye doctor is ideal. If you are unhappy with your findings, allow yourself more time to continue with the search. 

For more about choosing the right emergency doctor, visit Ridgeview Eye Care at our office in Olathe or De Soto, Kansas. You can also call (913) 270-8598 or (913) 270-6017 to book an appointment today.

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