How Does Neurolens® Help Correct Eye Misalignment?

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, most people have found themselves working remotely and taking up jobs that require screen time. This has led to unpleasant side effects and symptoms such as eyestrain, headaches, shoulder pains, and general fatigue.

Most people understand these problems result from the bad positioning of the screen and poor posture. What they do not know is that an underlying visual misalignment could also be the root cause of these symptoms.

Eye misalignment, also known as binocular vision dysfunction, occurs when you spend too much time in front of a digital device, especially when near vision is demanded, causing your eyes to lack coordination.

As a result, you experience digital eyestrain. Thanks to innovation, neurolens® (special prescription lenses) can help alleviate issues that you may be experiencing when using digital devices.


How Neurolens Work

Neurolenses are custom-designed corrective eyewear for correcting eye misalignment. When your eyes strain too much trying to focus, it affects a nerve connected to your brain known as the trigeminal, causing neck pain, eye fatigue, headaches, and other irritating symptoms.

Neurolenses have contoured prisms that help align your eyes properly, alleviating the pain and strain symptoms. These one-of-a-kind lenses are fit into normal frames and worn as eyeglasses. These glasses are for people with visual problems, as well as people with 20/20 vision.

Before you start using neurolens glasses, you must talk to an experienced eye doctor. The eye doctor will first conduct specialized testing to further help him create a lens that can help with your specific symptoms.

To yield more benefits from these lenses, you need to wear them during all your waking hours, even when you are not working. If that is not possible, ensure you have them on every time you go in front of a digital device, be it a phone or computer.


Who Is a Good Candidate for Neurolens?

Neurolenses have been a vital source of relief for remote workers and people who spend a considerable amount of time in front of digital devices, helping minimize dry eyes and eye irritation. Neurolenses are ideal for remote workers who must stare at a computer screen all day.

Students can use them as well. You do not have to experience discomfort and pain to use neurolens. If you are not able to concentrate on the task ahead because you cannot stare at a digital screen for long, you need to consider neurolens.



But if you already wear prescription glasses, you need to consult your eye doctor first. So far, there are few to no long-term complications from using neurolens. This is good news for anyone who is looking for relief from the side effects caused by eyestrain. Now, you can live your life free of stress and pain. You can also focus on your work or studies better.

The only downside of neurolens is they are costly. Also, their costs are not covered by insurance. But once you test them and experience their benefits, you will see the money you spend will be worth it.

To know how neurolens help correct eye misalignment, visit Ridgeview Eye Care at our office in Olathe or De Soto, Kansas. You can also call (913) 270-8598 or (913) 270-6017 to book an appointment today.

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