Can Eyestrain Cause Headaches?

The most common headaches are migraines and tension headaches, which can be due to several reasons, but rarely vision disorders. Recurrent headaches after driving, reading, or focusing on digital screens can indicate vision problems. 


If you have headaches and suspect vision problems, go for a comprehensive eye exam. The doctor will check for more than your visual acuity; they will also assess your eyes and test for common eye diseases.



Symptoms of Eyestrain



As you can guess, one of the symptoms of eyestrain is headaches, which can make eyestrain annoying and uncomfortable. Occasional eyestrain and headaches are not a cause of concern. But it is if you also experience blurry vision, eye fatigue, sensitivity to light, or aching eyes.



How Eyestrain Can Cause Headaches



Focusing on a computer screen for a long time can result in visual problems since it affects the muscles in and around your eyes. It causes them to overwork, becoming sore as they focus on your activity. 


Eyestrain can be annoying, frustrating, and even trigger spasms in your facial muscles that lead to headaches. So, what are some situations that lead to eyestrain headaches?



Room Lighting



If the lighting in your room is too bright or dim, it makes it difficult to see clearly. You may need to squint as your pupils readjust to the amount of light entering your eye. The readjusting can cause your eyes to tire and lead to eyestrain headaches. 


You may experience this when driving on a sunny day without glasses or on a road where drivers use full lights. Other experiences of eyestrain due to lighting include walking into or out of a dark room to a place with light. 



Use of Digital Screens



Using digital screens for long periods is the most common cause of eyestrain. Doctors refer to the condition as computer vision syndrome or digital eyestrain. When you use digital devices, your focus on the screen causes you to blink less often. Your eyes tire and become dry, resulting in irritation.


Digital eyestrain can also cause neck aches and backaches due to poor posture. It is, therefore, advisable to limit your screen time. Use eyeglasses with anti-glare or reduce the screen brightness to protect your eyes.



Focus on a Single Task



Sometimes, you might be focused on a single task like reading, doing so without blinking your eyes. Continual focus on a single activity requires you to take breaks in between. It will allow your eyes to relax so that you do not strain them. If you are driving long distances, give an allowance for pit stops. If you are reading or using digital devices, give yourself breaks.



Vision Problems



Vision problems and eye misalignment can cause the muscles in and around your eyes to tire. They must overwork to focus on objects or activities. A comprehensive eye exam will determine whether the problem is visual acuity or the condition lies deeper.


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