Blue Light Protection for Kids With or Without a Prescription

Online learning has grown over the last decade as education and the internet merge. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, distance learning has somehow become the center of people's lives. The pandemic forced schools to increase the use of online learning. Does your kid sit for hours on end staring at their computers? Don't wait for them to complain about pounding headaches and eye fatigue. Whether they need prescription glasses or not, consider getting blue light protection for your child now.


What Is Blue Light?


Millions of schoolchildren now study at home. It appears that there's also been an increase in vision challenges, such as digital eye strain. The culprit may be the blue light emitted from digital displays. Unlike sunlight, the light coming from electronic devices is generally blue light. It's a high-energy visible (HEV) light that has a wavelength of 400 to 525 nanometers. This shorter wavelength hits your eyes at a higher frequency. 


Sunlight is the primary source of blue light. It helps regulate your sleep and wake cycle. But with the current health protocols to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus, it appears that children are now exposed to blue light in higher amounts from artificial sources. These include their computer, smartphone, and tablet, among others. Exposure to excessive amounts of artificial blue light can be harmful to the eyes. 


How Blue Light Blocking Eyeglasses Can Help


According to a recent study, children's eyes tend to absorb more blue light from digital screens than adults. There's still limited research linking blue light exposure from digital devices and eye diseases. But some researchers have suggested that blue light may increase a person's risk of macular degeneration and other age-related ocular problems later in life. 


Eyeglasses that block blue light are an excellent accessory to help protect your child's eyes. Its lenses have a unique, built-in layer that filters and refracts the blue light away from your kid's eyes. Besides eye strain, blue light exposure has been associated with headaches and disruptions to the body's sleep-wake cycle. Using blue light protection for your kid will help shield their eyes from this high-energy light and reduce the symptoms that go along with it.


Can You Get Prescription Eyewear With Blue Light Protection?


You have to consult your eye doctor to see if a blue light filter is suitable for your child's prescription eyeglasses. They may recommend a pair that has an anti-reflective coating with a blue-light-blocking technology. Another option is to buy an eyeglass that has polycarbonate lenses with blue light-filtering pigment inside.


Are you looking to update your kid's prescription glasses? If you need a new pair of eyewear, it won't hurt to include blue light protection for your child's eye health. By taking extra precautions today, you can help your kid enjoy online learning while face-to-face classes are still not possible. Visit Ridgeview Eye Care today to check a wide selection of our stylish and high-quality eyewear. Call our offices in Olathe and De Soto, Kansas, to make an appointment. 

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