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Eye Exams for Overland Park

eye care for the whole family near overland parkOverland Park provides great recreational options for people living within the city limits and the surrounding areas. Though our main eye care center is in Olathe, KS you can find many of our staff enjoying the great activities and sites of Overland Park on the weekends and early evening hours.
We polled our staff and picked out a few of our favorite spots. Let us know where you like to go the next time you are in our office for an eye exam.

Our Favorite Sites in Overland Park:

  1. The Botanical Gardens– strolling in the gardens or hiking on the trails is just a small part of what the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens has to offer. You can also enjoy events and programs about the environment and ecosystem in the area. There is nothing more enjoyable than volunteering and helping preserve the beautiful landscape for future generations.
  2. The Farmers’ Market– one of our favorite Saturday morning activities is taking a trip to the Farmers’ Market. With rows and rows of fresh produce as well as locally produced foods, you never know what delicious wholesome treat you might find. Lazy Saturdays with good food are a big part of the culture in Overland Park.
  3. The Parks– whether  biking at Amesbury Lake, swimming or playing tennis at Bluejacket, checking out the arts at Clock Tower Plaza, enjoying the options at Hickory Hills or visiting any of the other many options in the area, our optometrists will make sure your eyes are protected and seeing clearly.

For quality and fun we are willing to travel long distances to enjoy ourselves. What about for your health and eye care?

Olathe for Great Optometrists

Overland Park is less than 20 minutes away from Olathe. Isn’t your family’s eye care health worth it? At Ridgeview Eyecare we provide our patients with:
Our optometrists’ will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our eye care services. Call our offices at 913-261-8327. Make sure you have yearly eye exams and are aware of your family’s eye health history so that you can help our optometrists’ determine which type of eye tests and disease screenings you may need on a yearly basis.
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